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Agriculture & Environmental Consultancy:

International work includes:

In Vietnam, agriculture remains a vital component the economy with a wide diversity of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate crops grown in the country’s highly diverse agro-ecosystems. Rice, which is principally grown in the Red and Mekong river deltas, remains the most important crop, with Vietnam usually in the top three exporting countries for most years. Vegetables, fruit and spices are extensively grown, together with commodities such as tea, coffee and cocoa.

Effective and environmentally sound technologies must be developed in support of Vietnam’s crop development and diversification plans, amongst which pest management remains crucial. Dr Roy Bateman has expertise in various areas in crop production and protection and has collaborates with the National Agriculture Research Institute and a number of agencies including NIPP, PPD SOFRI, WASI, IAS and PHI. The key areas of collaboration have been Extension, Research and Training.

Specific pest management expertise includes:

  • Field crop insect pest and disease diagnosis and assessment
  • Understanding pest biology and development of appropriate management strategies
  • Responsible pesticide use for clean crop production
  • Biological pesticide development and incorporation into IPM strategies
  • Improving pesticide application and safety
  • Cultural pest management
  • Farmer participatory technology development
  • Promotion of linkages between farmers and research organisation


VBS has contributed to the nascent cocoa industry in Vietnam. Mai Bateman is an active member of the National Cocoa Development Steering Committee and has helped to co-ordinate activities and linkages with international cocoa companies.

Nam Cat Tien Eco-Resort Project
Cat Tien is a world heritage site consisting of primary and secondary forest.  It was turned into a National park in 1978, and is now probably the best site in VN for seeing wildlife. Unfortunately understanding of nature conservation by the general public needs much further development and VBS staff are helping to encourage sustainable businesses, that place a value on conservation and has minimal impact on this unique ecosystem.

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