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VBS Interpretation/Translations:

Vietnam Business Services has been providing Interpretation and Translation services to a wide variety of organisations including the Police, UK legal service, Courts and Prison Services, Social Services and the Department of Health since its founding in 1992.

We have many commercial clients who need very precise technical and scientific interpretation/translation. Our work is undertaken by our dedicated team of fully qualified personnel in the UK - particularly in the Home Counties - as well as in Vietnam and Europe.

These services can be provided on a 24/7 basis depending on your need and location. Interpreting can be performed either in a 'live' process where the translation is done as a conversation progresses or in a 'batch' process where each portion of the conversation is translated before a response is required.

The nature of the required work dictates the most appropriate format, and our experienced bilingual staff will always be able to work in whichever mode that is most suitable.

Job size:
No job is too large or too small as we are able to call upon the services of many translators in many countries, all of whom exceed the exacting standards which we demand.
As a consequence we can also ensure that all deadlines are met with translations which are both accurate and presented in whichever format required, from standard Acrobat pdf files, Microsoft Word format to simple text files. Wherever possible, Unicode fonts are used, which overcome the problems sometimes associated with the display of Vietnamese characters.

Business or technical?
No problem! We have always been happy to match translation style requirements with the most appropriate translator available.
Consequently, whether the requirement is for detailed scientific or technical work - including patents, business, advertising or general text, whatever your needs, we are always able to produce accurate and prompt translation at economic rates.
The final output is also checked by native language speakers to ensure there are no grammatical errors or unintended changes in meaning.

Different languages:
Whilst we deal mostly with translations between Vietnamese and English, we are also able to handle translations between Vietnamese and a variety of other languages, particularly French and eastern European languages (Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, etc) . If you have a particular request, please contact us.

We always take great care to ensure that all work submitted to us is treated as strictly confidential. This is regarded as one of our two most fundamental priorities - the other being accuracy of translation. Clients may rest assured that we offer a service second to none and may have complete confidence in the quality of translations provided by us.

Interpreting in Vietnam and Europe:
Since 1992, envied by its colleagues, VBS has created a reputation for interpretational skills in the UK, Vietnam and Continental Europe with an extensive network of linguists, who are available to meet even the most exacting demands of the international community.

If you need on-the-spot translation/interpretation to or from your language, please contact us as we should be able to help.