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Travel to Vietnam and elsewhere

The truth is, travel, especially in lesser developed countries, can be difficult at times. But nobody can handle your travel needs in Indochina better than Mekong Travel.

We can arrange it all.  We can shuttle you between high level talks with government officials in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, or we can arrange a schedule for your leisure.

If you have to make a business trip to Vietnam, why not consider taking a partner and extending the occasion into a short break, long weekend or even a holiday?

Our associated company Mekong Travel would be pleased to advise on the availability of suitable tours or stopovers in the region and can even arrange specific tours to places of interest not normally included in conventional travel itineraries.

Mekong Travel can arrange a complete schedule and ensure that your partner is as fully occupied as required during the periods that you are otherwise occupied.

After helping you with your business, we can organise bike tours through Thailand for your club or organisation, arrange for adventure tours into the rainforests, or get you to the most secluded beaches where you can sit, relax and do nothing. 

We specialise in Comfort, Convenience and Efficiency, and can handle all of your business and recreational travel needs throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Thailand.

Our services include:

  • Short breaks in Vietnam
  • Packaged and private tours
  • Lodging
  • International and regional air and ground transportation
  • Translators, interpreters and guides
  • Introductions to Government and Business leaders in Vietnam

    Vietnam and the surrounding countries are unsurpassed for their cultural variety and scenic beauty. For further information, please browse the Mekong Travel web site and contact them direct if there are any items offered which are of interest.

    Other travel ventures associated with VBS include:
    ForestFloorLodge, Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai, Viet Nam
    Mellingray, Cornwall
    Maison du Meunier, Brenne National Park, France

    If you have a destination in mind which you do not see on the web site or in the brochure, please enquire direct as Mekong Travel are continually updating and expanding the destinations available.

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